The Salesman

Had to go to the pet store today.  That is always a dangerous place to go with my children, especially with my 12 year-old, who wants to be a veterinarian.  I told her as we drove there that we were ONLY getting three things:  bird-cage liners, ferret cage bedding and fish food.  She agreed.

We walk into the store and they go straight to see the puppies.  I, on the other hand, start hunting for the pet supplies that we needed.  After about two minutes in the store, the girls come and find me to tell me that there are two Yorkie puppies for sale.  We own a Yorkie, so I was curious to see what the pups looked like.

So there we are, bent down looking at these two cute puppies through the glass and all of a sudden, one of the employees opens the door from the back of the cage and pulls out one of the pups we were looking at.  We all assumed that someone wanted to see her.  Well, guess who that ‘someone’ was – all of us.  The sales guy paraded the cute pup right past us and motioned us to follow him, which we did. The next thing I knew, we were in the private little play area with the pup.  It all happened so fast, I didn’t even have time to say no.  So we played with her for a few minutes.  And they begged for another puppy, but I held firm to my NO.  We got up and gave the salesman back the pup.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

So we began to look for the pet supplies and I look up and there he is again, holding that cute pup.  He asked what we were looking for and offered to help us find the items, pup in hand.

When he showed us where the bird-cage liner was, he asked my daughter what kind of bird she had.  Of course she was more than willing to tell him that she had two, one boy and one girl, and that she had always wanted them to have baby birds.  At this point I am thinking that we need to get out of this store.

He began to tell us what kind of birds he owns and that he breeds them all.   My daughter’s eyes lit up.  She then began asking all about how to do that and what supplies we would need.  He hands me the pup, and starts showing her what type of nesting box she would need and the different materials that the birds like to use when building their nest.  She was sold.  As she is begging me to buy the items, the pup is now chewing on the collar of my coat.

We finally make it to the register and instead of my three little items, I now have a puppy in my hand, the three original items we set out to get, plus a nesting box and nesting materials.  The good part is that I did hand the puppy back in time so she wouldn’t be added to my bill.  The bad thing is that if this nesting box works, we could have more animals in my house.

My life.

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