Homecoming Weekend

Tonight is Newark’s Homecoming Dance – a new experience for our household since we now have a freshman up there.  It’s been interesting talking with other parents who have freshman sons who are going.  It is a completely different situation for them.  Their sons haven’t had to try the outfit on numerous times; find shoes that match; decide how to wear their hair; pick out the perfect jewelry and have arguments about what type of coat, if any, to wear over the dress.

But even after all this fuss, I can’t wait to see the finished product tonight – our beautiful daughter, all decked out for her first Homecoming.  You know I will be post pics later.

Other Homecoming Activities

Last night before the football game was the Homecoming parade, where the Homecoming attendants rode in convertible cars (I drove the Freshman) down the street and half way around the field.  In addition, each class had their own float.  Because Savannah is on Student Council, guess who was asked to help? I have discovered that whatever your kids are involved in, that group gets two helpers for the price of one – the student and the parent(s).  They didn’t win, but I think it turned out great for their first float:

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