Christmas Gifts For The Lady In Your Life

You may not believe this, but one of my best gifts from my dad some time ago was a Craftsman 24-pc. Socket Wrench Set.  No joke.

Why would I like this gift and suggest that you get one yourself or buy one for a lady friend of yours?  Because someday this may happen to you:

This is what the door handle looks like on the inside of a Ford Expedition.  I went to get out of my truck last night and pulled off the entire door handle.  Great.  Thank goodness my children were with me to open the door from the outside so I wouldn’t have to do a Dukes Of Hazard escape out the window.

So this morning, I got out my trusty socket set and put that handle right back into place.  Took maybe 5 minutes, which is lightning speed compared to the time it would have taken to ask my busy husband three to four times to go fix it.  It is just easier to do it myself.

And since we are on the topic of ladies and tools,  I am a firm believer that every woman should have their own tool box. You can ready why in a previous post of mine.

There you go.  Two gift ideas for your shopping list.  Enjoy!

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