20 Reasons Why. . .

. . .you should support New Beginnings. 

I had the pleasure of being the emcee today for a fundraising event for New Beginnings, our Domestic Violence Shelter and Center.  This is the third year I have participated in the event.  It is a purse auction to raise money for the shelter.  What I like the most about the purses that are auctioned off is the meanings behind the starting bids.  There were 20 purses that lucky biders took home with them today.  Here are the descriptions and fact facts about domestic violence:

  1. Kate Spade Head In The Sand Quinn – Bidding started at $95 for the 95% of women and children residing at New Beginnings in 2010 that completed the program and moved into safe and independent housing.
  2. Kathy Van Zeeland Black & White Charmed Life Purse – Bidding started at $24 representing the 24 hour crisis hot line available to emergency victims of domestic violence.
  3. Vera Bradley – ON THE GO Hobo Bag with wallet in Mesa Red – Bidding began at $44 for the 44 persons assisted with safety plans by the New Beginnings victims advocate.
  4. Coach – Hampton Watercolor Tote – Nearly 50% of women and children are homeless because of domestic violence, so we started the bidding at $50.
  5. Miche bag with interchangeable shell in Red Ellie Buckle – Bidding began at $39 for the 39 individuals provided with on site Mental Health Therapy.
  6. Schmancy Purse Kitchen Sink Bag, with Chip On My Shoulder pattern – Bidding started at $66 for the 66 women residing at New Beginnings shelter in 2010.
  7. Nine West Flower Pattern Purse – Tina Turner survived 16 years of abuse in her marriage before finally leaving her husband, Ike.  Bidding started at $16.
  8. Ju-Ju-Be Messenger Style Diaper Bag in Perky Perennials – Bidding began at $48 for the 48 domestic violence education presentations given to the community.
  9. Vera Bradley – Coastline Tote in Folkloric (my proud purchase) – Even someone like Rihanna that has sold more than 20 million albums can end up in an abusive relationship, so bidding began at $20.
  10. Michael Kors natural woven corn husk tote trimmed in white leather – Bidding started at $54 for the 54 children residing at New Beginnings shelter in 2010.
  11. Jessica Simpson – Runway Ruffle Satchel, color – Shrimp – Bidding started at $52, representing $1 for every week there was a Domestic Violence support group meeting at the shelter.
  12. Vera Bradley – Tippy Tie & Best Bud Wallet in Simply Violet – Bidding began at $36 for the 36 volunteers that provided service projects in 2010.
  13. B. Makowsky – Sonoma Tote – 60% of reported domestic violence happens in the home, so the bidding opened up at $60.
  14. Vera Bradley – Comin’ Up Roses – Poppy Fields – Mary J. Blige was molested as a child and was in several abusive relationships and now has a total of 17 top ten singles.  Bidding began at $17.
  15. Lucky Brand – Black Suede Hobo Bag – Domestic violence costs more than $37 billion a year in law enforcement involvement, legal work, medical and mental health treatment and lost productivity at companies.  Bidding started at $37.
  16. Kathy Van Zeeland – Red Fabric & Brown Leather Purse – Every 9 seconds, a woman is battered by in the United States by her husband, boyfriend or live-in partner, so we began the bidding at $9.
  17. Coach – Wool & Leather Bag – Many women at the shelter do not have health insurance.  $59 is the cost for one mental health domestic violence group therapy session.  We started the bidding at $59 to ensure that at least one more woman can start the healing process.
  18. Vera Bradley – Large Duffel in the Red Bandana pattern – Bidding started at $35 for the 35 acting roles that Ashley Judd had been in before coming forward about her years of childhood abuse.
  19. Coach – Signature Patent Tote in Graphite – Bidding began at $113 for the $113 average weekly grocery bill at New Beginnings.
  20. Juicy Couture – Pink Velvet Handbag with storage bag – 25% of girls will be the victim of sexual abuse before the age of 18.  Bidding began at $25.

Tricia Hufford, Executive Director at New Beginnings, did a wonderful job with this event.  I look forward to next year’s.


5 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why. . .

  1. This was an incredible idea and just wonderful awareness mechanism. Would you mind if another Domestic Violence Shelter located in VA used some of this information to host their own Pursue Auction?

  2. Hi Sylvie – I am not the one you need to talk to. Here is the contact information you need:
    Tricia A. Hufford MSW, LSW

    Executive Director

    The Woodlands Serving Central Ohio

    (740) 349-7066 ext. 241


    Tricia is wonderful and I’m sure you will find her to be very helpful. Glad you enjoyed my post.

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