The Cool Kids Club

Tonight was the second gathering of the #LCTweetUp.  It was held at Velvet Ice Cream.  The picture below is of the four host, me, Ellie, Brad and Mark, aka The Cool Kids Club.  We’ve been asked how we got this name and I really don’t recall.  I think we made it up one day at lunch or something:)

Tonight was a great time, as we were privileged to be able to taste test 12 different ice cream flavors and 4 winter beer selections.  I want to send a special thank you to Nathan at Velvet for hooking us up with this awesome experience as well as Andy who told us about the different beers we were tasting.

And of course thanks to all who attended.  We missed those who weren’t there, but we know we will see you at our next one.  Look for some updates on our next #LCTweetUp coming in 2012!

One thought on “The Cool Kids Club

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