Bridges by Cherih87
Bridges, a photo by Cherih87 on Flickr.

As we traveled around southwest Florida this past week, we crossed over many bridges. For the most part, bridges down there are built for crossing bodies of water. And since I love to be around the water, I enjoy crossing those bridges that others have built for me.

Bridges are made to get us from one point to another. They have to be built strong and they need to last a very long time. They have to withstand bad storms that may come upon them.

The same is true about life and relationships. I enjoy building bridges much more than repairing them. In my job, I am somewhat like a bridge, connecting people and businesses together. In every line of work, connections (or bridges) are made every single day.

My hope for you in 2012 is to build as many bridges as you can or allow yourself to be the bridge between two connection points as frequently as possible. And never burn a bridge. It takes a great deal of time and effort to rebuild one. If one needs mending, mend it. You never know when you may need to cross over that bridge at some point in your life.

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