God Is Good

God Is Good by Cherih87
God Is Good, a photo by Cherih87 on Flickr.

God is good, all the time.

Tonight a horrible storm came through our community. When the storm began, two of my daughters and I were home and were upstairs. I opened my window and the trees were bent almost sideways and my gut said to get to the basement. We ran downstairs and into the kitchen where the basement door is. I opened the door and my two daughters ran down the steps. I began to follow and got about two steps down when a tree fell right next to our house and a branch came thru the kitchen window. The window exploded, sending glass EVERYWHERE. If it had happened even 3 seconds earlier we could have been seriously hurt by the exploding glass. It was scary.

About 15 min after that happened, my middle daughter came home from a day at the lake. Her friend’s dad was driving and a tree hit the car in front of them. They were spared.

About that same time, I called my husband who was walking his parent’s dogs down the street from their home (no one was home there) to tell him about our house and it wasn’t even raining where he was, which was only about 12 min away. When he returned to his parents house, a huge tree, minutes earlier, had fallen on the house, smashing in the front section, where he probably would have been.

Although there is a lot of property damage at both places, (ours is minimal compared to theirs) no one was hurt. God was watching out for my family. Thank you Lord.
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6 thoughts on “God Is Good

  1. Oh my goodness. God is good. I am happy to hear none of you were hurt! Must of been very scary. Thank you Lord.

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  3. You certainly were hit harder than we were. I’m glad that you and your family are safe. It’s so weird to have a storm like this just appear– then cause so much destruction. Love the photo of the pasta boiling on the grill. Never tried that, either.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Still without power. Escaped to my parents house to do laundry in the AC! Crazy thing is that gas can’t hardly be found in Newark. I found some in New Albany though. Heard a rumor (and I really hope it is only a rumor) that power may not be back on until next weekend. Please Lord don’t let that be true!

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