Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls by Cherih87
Bingham Falls, a photo by Cherih87 on Flickr.

Today was an awesome day centered around the water. After a boat cruise on Lake Champlain, a small group of us traveled to Stowe, VT to see the Bingham Falls. They were beautiful.

We hiked down through the woods and at the bottom we found the waterfall. Although the water was ice cold (that’s was I was told – I didn’t venture in), that didn’t stop my family from being adventurous by jumping off the rocks into the water below. I stayed back, watching (and praying) them make their leaps. (They now call me chicken) Even my husband made a jump.

The scenery was breath-taking.

My daughters swam over and under the falls. They thought it was pretty cool. And it was.

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