Today I sat through a class called Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between. The presenter was Sheila Birnbach. I thought this class was going to be about employees and how to manage them.  And in part, it was. HOWEVER, the things I learned in this class applied more to me and how I make judgements or assumptions about people every single day. And chances are you do the same thing and probably don’t even realize it.

Here’s the thing. You probably make assumptions about me just by things I write on this blog. Or maybe by the way I write. I’m sure you’ve thought certain things when you see a grammatical error and assume I’m not too bright.  But the only way to really know me as a person, is to ask me. Ask me my opinions. Ask me about my likes and dislikes. Ask me how I feel about certain issues. Ask me what matters to me. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. What matters is that you ASK me and not assume you know the answer.

It is hard to try and change a behavior you have been doing all your life, but as Sheila said, “Starting today is better than not starting at all.”

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