My Saturday Zen

I woke up this morning wondering what I was going to do today. I wasn’t overly energetic so I took my time crawling out of bed. My 16 year-old came into my room around 8:00 to tell me she was going to go to the YMCA for a cycling class which started at 9:15.

I decided that if she could get up and go workout, I would too. When I looked at the schedule of classes offered, I discovered that there was a Reformer Pilates class beginning at 9. I’ve never attended a class of regular Pilates, not alone Reformer Pilates, but I thought I would try. My daughter decided to join me instead of going to the cycling class, which made me happy.

All I can say is wow. This class worked every part of my body. As I write this, I am starting to hurt, especially my tailbone. Although it was a hard class for me, I will be going back. If I can do that workout a couple of times per week, I should be in pretty good shape. It really is a strengthening class if you ask me.

So we came home and my friend Jeff came over with some homegrown tomatoes and peppers for us. That made us happy. I cut up a fresh sweet mango for him to taste and we ate the fruit while catching up on life. It was a nice morning.

Then I took daughter #1 and #3 school supply shopping. Whew, there was a lot of stuff to buy. We also shopped for school clothes for the youngest. We did a pretty good job and got a lot done (and spent too much).

When we got back, I finished the laundry and then made homemade pizza for dinner. Yum. Yum. Yum. We then decided to take the dog a walk in downtown Granville. It was a perfect evening for a walk.

For someone who had no plan for the day, I was very productive. It felt good. It was a day of zen.

2 thoughts on “My Saturday Zen

  1. I love it when days fall into place like yours did. There’s such a wonderful sense of flow to them that carries me along for many days to follow. Happy, happy. Zen, zen.

  2. Obviously you’ve had some of those days Ally, as you know exactly how I felt. Today was another one of those days for me, too. I should count my blessings!

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