8 Sites to Visit When Bored

I have been getting a lot of my material lately from the daily Business Digest (thanks to PNB).  I have been saving this post for when I am ‘bored’. (I am too busy to be bored)

So here are 8 websites/blogs to visit when you are bored, according to Daily Tekk:


The Interview

As part of my job, I help to plan our largest event called the Annual Groundhog Breakfast.

This year I participated in our 2014 Economic Forecast.  I enjoy interviewing people.  My three panelist were quite insightful. As for the groundhog. . .you be the judge.


Happy Happy Happy II


In my post entitled Happy Happy Happy, I wrote about the wonderful weekend I had last weekend, filled with family and friends.

This weekend was pretty much the same.

My weekend started off with the wonderful news about my sister-in-law’s cancer (Great News). Then we went to the first Newark High School Football game.  Although we lost, we did look better than last year, in my opinion.  It was great to see my oldest two daughters cheering together for the first time (they are now both on Varsity).

Saturday morning we traveled to the big city to watch the first Ohio State Football game with some friends.  Although we won, I was a little disappointed in how they played.  I am going give them a pass though – first game jitters, I guess.  We then went out to dinner at The spaghetti Warehouse with two of my daughters (and one of the boyfriends) and my great-nephew.  My husband kept telling them that they were in a historic place (it was the location of our first date).  Best part of the dinner for me was getting through five levels of Ms. Pac-Man:).

Yesterday we went to church and then went to a cookout at Savannah’s boyfriends’ house.  It was a lot of fun, but I ate WAY TOO MUCH!  We left the party early to go and visit with my sister-in-law who was in town.  It was great to see her – she looked great.

That brings me to today, Labor Day.  I had breakfast with a good friend, then I took the two teenage daughters shopping for Homecoming dresses. Grrr.  After traveling 90 minutes one way, we came home empty-handed.  But the good news is that they found dresses online that we hope will fit, so we ordered them instead.  Keeping my fingers crossed on this!

The rest of the day has been spent on doing my chores around the house – laundry, cooking, yard work and giving the dogs baths.

I wouldn’t say I rested much this weekend, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I am getting spoiled by these fun weekends.  Hope yours was fun, too.

Happy Labor Day.

Spying on Eagles

My mother-in-law is in Naples and called me yesterday to tell me about this site where you can look into an eagle’s next where two babies are nesting. It is a live camera right above the next.  I couldn’t wait to find it.

Here it is.  Go check it out.  It is quite a large nest.  It makes me smile.

Thanks Penny.

The Love Of A Cat

I don’t know if this will be old news to you or not, but I just found out about it today (thanks Jay).

Sable, a 15-year-old cat, has a job to do in Washington state – he is part of the safety patrol at a middle school there.

Please take a moment to read the entire story here.  It will make you smile on this brilliant Christmas Day.