The Right Mindset

I am currently sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight back home to Ohio. I was just reliving my wonderful short get-a-way to Naples and reflecting on what I enjoyed the most when my husband called. (He is on a later flight so he is still enjoying the warm temps and sunshine). He called to warn me that it is supposed to be -11 (with the windchill) today back home. Thanks, Jay. I now have an upside down smile on my face. Who, in their right mind, would want to go back to that??

Before his call, I was thinking about the beach and the soft waves that break onshore down at the pier. I was remembering God’s beautiful palate of blues, pinks, oranges and reds that I witnessed during the two sunsets I watched. I was thinking how much I enjoyed the time we spent at the wildlife place on Sanibel Island and how it has awakened my interest in learning more about the birds that live and migrate there. I was remembering the long walk we took yesterday morning, where we saw houses we loved and the hidden gardens we stumbled upon. And of course I won’t forget the delicious blackened grouper, chai tea lattes and dinner at Shula’s.

But all those things wouldn’t have meant as much to me if my family wasn’t with me. There were eight of us on this trip: Our family of five, a boyfriend and my in-laws. I loved having them around. I’m sure we got on each others nerves, as most families do, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

So as I get ready to board the plane for a cold destination, I am trying to stay in the right mindset – one of appreciation and gratitude for the time and experiences we shared these past four days. And with an anticipation for when I can return to the place my soul calls home.

45,16, 17, 27, 119, 18

No, these aren’t the winning lotto numbers.  These numbers represent some big events which will take place for our family in 2013:

16 – Our middle daughter will turn 16 in June.  This now means we will have four drivers in the house (only one more to go) and will need to purchase yet another vehicle.  We are keeping the automobile and auto insurance companies in business. Not to mention all the local gas stations.  I did most of the driving lessons with daughter #1, so I think daughter #2 should be taught by her father.  It is his turn.

17 – This is the magical number.  January 17 is 17 days away.  That means that in 17 days, we will be basking in the sun down in Naples for a short get away.  I can’t fully explain how soothing it is for me to walk along the shore down by the Naples Pier and watch a breathtaking sunset.  Or stop in the Sunburst Cafe for breakfast and amazing Chai Tea Latte.  Or have the best blackened grouper dinner at a place called Steamers.  Or. . .(I could go on forever, but I won’t).

18 – Daughter #1, our firstborn, will turn 18 this year.  When she mentioned this to me the other night, I think I had an out-of-body experience.  I wanted so badly to prove her wrong on that statement, but I couldn’t.  How in the world did I let this happen?  I am in denial.  When she mentioned it again later, I told her I didn’t want to hear that again.  She needs her mouth washed out for such nasty talk.  I seriously don’t want to even think about it.

27 – I am leading a trip to Ireland this year.  March 27 is our departure date.  And I am taking daughter #1 & daughter #2 with me (along with about 40 others).  I am really looking forward to getting to experience another adventure, especially with two of my daughters.  Since 2009, I have been to China twice, Italy, Mexico and Cuba.  Wonder where 2014 will take me?

45 – Yes, this is another big birthday – only this time it is for me.  I turn 45 this year.  Hmmm.  That is all I have to say about that.

119 – We will continue on with our Christmas tradition of praying for everyone we received a Christmas Card from.  We have some major praying to do since we received 119 cards this year.  Wow.  Here’s how it works:  When we sit down for dinner, each one of us (there are 5 of us) close our eyes and draw a card from the basket.  We then have to say a prayer, out loud, for that person, family or organization, even if we don’t know them personally.  We started doing this probably 5 years ago I think.  It is a good tradition.  I do feel a bit guilty though, since I didn’t send out a single Christmas Card.  I may add this goal to my list for 2013.

There you have it, a glimpse into my 2013.  What will 2013 bring for you?



I just finished reviewing today’s stats on this blog and was curious about some of the posts that showed up in other people’s searches today. I couldn’t recall the specific posts, so I went back and read them. And I have to say, those were darn good posts!

I liked them so much that I am posting their links for you, in case you missed them. This is my way of recycling today.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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Blue and Green

Blue and Green by Cherih87
Blue and Green, a photo by Cherih87 on Flickr.

On our short drive to the beach today, I admired the lush green background against the amazing blue sky.

Blue has always been my favorite color, but I am now adding green to the top as well. They are happy colors, when placed beside each other. God knew what He was doing when He created our wonderful planet. It is filled with blue and green in every direction.
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