My First Check-Up In 2012

I meant to do this on Feb. 1st, but had a busy week at work, so I am just now getting around to it today:

My 30+ Day Review of 2012 Goals

(I plan to do this each month to track my progress or lack thereof )

1. Save some money.  A sub-goal of this was to sign-up and use online banking.  I did sign up for this service and began paying my bills online.  I have saved $9.00 in postage so far, plus no more late fees (yes, I was guilty of this occasionally because I didn’t have time to sit down and pay bills each week). Now this is going to sound like a real geek, but this online banking deal is my fav thing to do on the Internet.  Swear.  I can transfer money from account to account, see what bills are coming up, do reports to see how much I have spent with each vendor, etc.

As far as saving money elsewhere, we had a pretty expensive month with automobile problems, so the money I planned on saving got spent.  Oh well.

2. Cook more. I would give myself a B+ for the year so far.  I enjoy cooking, as long as I have all the ingredients on hand. Plus by doing this, it will help to reach goal #1.

3. Exercise. Okay- I totally flunked this one.  I haven’t even tried. Not one stinking workout of ANY kind.  Guess I know where to concentrate my efforts this month. . .

4. Personal.  Although I can’t share this one, I can tell you that I am making progress, although baby footsteps. But at least I am trying.

There you have it.  I would give myself an overall B- for the first month of the year.  How about you?  Have you made progress towards your goals?